Wouldn’t it be great if things were just simply to use? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if the simplest things were even simpler to use. Wouldn’t it be uplifting if one of the most simple invention created by man wasn’t there to take the piss and make you look stupid every time you used it in public. What am I talking about? The humble door.

Now I know everyone has done this from time to time so either laugh, roll your eyes or nod with a silly smile on your face towards the door that says “Push” but has a handle to “Pull”. Why must the sign “Push” include a handle, I see a handle on a door so I pull, and yet the door does not open, and in that instant you think “bloody hell” or “what again?”

So I ask whoever is responsible, please do not combine a “Push” with a handle.


I wish little children would stop running up to me and showing me either their wobbly teeth or their hole where their wobbly tooth once was.

My son, Jacob and his friends are starting to lose their first teeth and the sight of a wobbly gnasher is starting to turn my stomach.

Please no more guys!


I must say that I’m a little pissed at Argos. Why?? Well, my girlfriend (Amanda, some of you guys will know her) and I bought a football goal for our sons 5th birthday. After a little hunting around we decided to buy one from our local Argos store. We found the one we liked, bought it, and wrapped it up.

Jacob opened his prezzie and was delighted. Then came the build. All was fine until I checked the picture against the goal I had just put up and noticed that they were completely different! Bastards!

We checked the pictures again, Bastards! We checked the order numbers, all ok there.

So what can we do? We couldn’t take it down as that would have left scars that doth run deep. So a very well worded e-mail followed the next day. Needless to say a very short and crap reply followed in which they stated that “they are sorry, and will alter their catalogue accordingly.” Thanks Argos

I know they didn’t ruin my sons birthday, but it cheesed us both off no end. Bastards!


I would just like to express and extend my thanks and gratitude to the cyclist who made my day today. First let me set the scene….

I’m waiting at traffic lights,

The cyclist in question rides down the inside of about five stationary cars behind me,

The cyclist then starts to realise the gap between the stationary cars and the curb is getting smaller and smaller,

The cyclist then notices my wing mirror and her hand will meet if she does not stop,

The cyclist brakes hard and, at the same time, starts to bounce on her left foot in the hope of averting a collision,


The cyclist then proceeds to pull up in front of me but with no acknowledgment of what has just happened,

I then shout out “Sorry for getting in your way!” by which time she had started shaking and blowing on her hand,

Then to top it off, a small trickle of blood. GET IN!


Yesterday was the joint birthday party of my son Jacob and his school friend Grace, both 5.  All of their friends enjoyed creating jolly hell in a soft play center for the best part of an hour and a half before eating copious amounts of chips n hamburgers (with Tommy K, Devil blood), topped of with a choc-ice and then sent back to the various mums n dads to tick over quietly at home like a petrol mower.  All good fun!

Then onto a cider-fest which was as expected, a very cool, relaxing and unburdened affair full of the laughs, jokes and occasional spill of home brew. I have been told the home brew was in the region of 7-8% which is pretty good going and also went down VERY well.

Get well soon to Amanda D, who had an unfortunate accident at the fest, but was missed by us by about 10mins.

Lastly, roll on to Kimi's (my daughter) and Sams birthday celebrations on the 25th  of this month.  Both will be 2 but due to Kimi being in hospital for her first bday, it will be her first party.  Fingers crossed it all goes well.


Sat 2nd Aug is my sons 5th Birthday!!!  Wow, I know everyone says this but the time does fly.  So big HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB Yeah!!!!

At present he is enjoying an 8x4 goal and an ELC mp3 player.  Later the skateboard and pads will turn up from his Uncle Glen and Clair.