Yesterday was the joint birthday party of my son Jacob and his school friend Grace, both 5.  All of their friends enjoyed creating jolly hell in a soft play center for the best part of an hour and a half before eating copious amounts of chips n hamburgers (with Tommy K, Devil blood), topped of with a choc-ice and then sent back to the various mums n dads to tick over quietly at home like a petrol mower.  All good fun!

Then onto a cider-fest which was as expected, a very cool, relaxing and unburdened affair full of the laughs, jokes and occasional spill of home brew. I have been told the home brew was in the region of 7-8% which is pretty good going and also went down VERY well.

Get well soon to Amanda D, who had an unfortunate accident at the fest, but was missed by us by about 10mins.

Lastly, roll on to Kimi's (my daughter) and Sams birthday celebrations on the 25th  of this month.  Both will be 2 but due to Kimi being in hospital for her first bday, it will be her first party.  Fingers crossed it all goes well.

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