More evidence of people out and about in slippers, this time in a supermarket.

Am I missing something? Is there a trend sweeping the nation that I’m unaware of? No? then why do I keep finding these people. Don’t get me wrong, if there is a trend which has passed me by that requires me to wear slippers outside on a day to day basis then I won’t be participating.

But the question remains, why do people insist on wearing slippers for outdoor activities? I have a feeling that this is only the start.


The new podcast from 4th Person is out now!!

We both know it's a long time coming and would like to say thank you to everyone for giving us a kick up the back-side.


(also in iTunes)


After all the snow and ice that the UK had over the past week or so,  who would have thought it would melt?!?

Well it did, plus a couple of inches of rain to go with it.


Don't shop on Ebay - is up and ready for your consumption.

 Scott’s family went to watch a Philadelphia Wings game - it was an experience that prompts a discussion of sports fan behavior in general.

Other talking points include “the T-Mobile dance” and ”crazy things you can buy on Ebay.”