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We talk about Amanda's birthday, 10 weird sports including Cheese rolling, Penny fathings and review some You tube videos.

Girl humiliates herself at Ice Hockey match.

Tasker vs Senn.

Bear Grylls eats a Rhino beetle.



Must start using twitter more.


I’m not a huge fan of “Colas”, I can drink the stuff and like mixing it with chasers, I prefer Pepsi to Coca Cola but would have a Lemonade, Cream Soda or Red Bull if I was forced into having a fizzy soft drink. But a few days ago I found myself staring at a wall of cans as I went to pay for my diesel.

I wasn’t really thirsty and probably wouldn’t have thought twice about buying a drink under normal circumstances but the presentation of a beautifully crafted wall made of blue and red cans was too much to take, and so I gave in. At the price of £1.35

I gave in!! Now looking back that’s a shite load of money for a can of cola, but it was so shiny and kept calling “buy my, buy me” and yes I paid for it, so imagine my disappointment when I finally got around to drinking the poxy thing. My initial reaction was “hhummm … different” but that soon wore off when I realised what I was actually tasting was defrosted ice poles (Icebergs).

£1.35 for a warm ice pole!!!

Further tests have to be carried out….


Once again more proof that a dog is just another piece of jewellery in some people’s eyes.   A dog, (Staffordshire bull terrier) called “ASBO” has been destroyed by police after it attacked three people and a baby in South London.

A 29 year old woman has been bailed until November.  Now from what I have seen when I used to live in South East London, these “Stafs” are paraded around by the common “Chav” on all council estates.  Many times did I hear the words “I’ll set ‘im on ya” without a second thought to what damage this animal could inflict.  

Clearly this woman is a chav, a little slow, probable wears adidas track suit bottoms, white trainers, a hoody and a baseball cap, she may have banged her head a couple of times in the past or has trouble standing up in the morning because no one in their right mind would call a dangerous dog ASBO unless they thought obtaining an ASBO was the sign of an ultimate bad ass and not to be messed with.
When I hear these stories I wish that there was a way of vetting these people before they can get their hand a new toy, instead of one of their buddies breeding them and selling them on for a quick £100.

But where do you start…?


I saw this on the BBC world news page…

“ An estranged couple in Cambodia have sawed their house in half to avoid the country's convoluted divorce process.
Moeun Rim and his wife, Nhanh, who have been married nearly 40 years, split the building last week following an argument, local officials said.
Mr Rim has removed his share of the property and the couple have also divided their land into four parts; two for their children, and two for them.
Divorce cases in Cambodia can be costly and may take a long time to settle.”

The piece also has the picture below with the caption…

“Mr Rim's half of the house has been moved to an undisclosed location.”

I’m guessing that his new neighbours may find out who he is when he turns up with half a house, I also notice she kept the stairs to the front door!!


Must stop playing Call of Duty 4 (PS3)!  Really need to get another podcast done.  I will get the five testchats done before Christmas, then on with the real show....

Also finding myself slightly addicted to Tech Deck.  When I was 10 I found skateboarding quiet hard, but I think that was mostly down to the crap boards we used to get in this country.  I remember seeing American boards at shop in a place called Blackfen at the end of the 80's, but apart from that, crap crap crap.  Well now I have been introduced, by Jacob my son, to Tech Deck which is a miniature skateboard that is controlled with the fingers. 
I can ollie the little bastard but only by about 10mm.  Must try harder.