Getting a little fed up with the brown nosing of the media towards Lewis Hamilton (above), once again he is on the front page of F1 Racing magazine.  (the 10th time in 13 months)

It seems in this small country, we pin all our hopes of happiness on "celebs" or "sports stars" to enlighten us and brighten our days and I’m getting a little sick of it.

To start the England football team are not as good as people remember/think that they are. We are not world beaters yet and have not look like becoming world beaters for a long time. I would love them to play fantastic football as a team and show the world who’s boss but alas, it’s just not happening. This is not helped by the media over egging the situation, saying that they can take on the world after a win and then writing them of as “has-beens” after a defeat, where in fact they are at present a bunch of “never-beens”.

They same goes with Mr Lewis Hamilton.

Now as some of you may know, he is not one of my favourite drivers at the moment. In interviews he comes across as well spoken, intelligent, interesting and a thoroughly nice chap given the right settings. But in the heat of the moment, his persona changes to an arrogant, spoilt, rude little shite.

I understand that just after a mistake, crash or racing incident which has cost you a win or valuable points, then your not going to be in the best of moods and maybe a little stroppy, especially if a camera and mic are thrown in your face, I think I to would be a little peeved.

This is the point where the media get me boiling. The Formula 1 coverage in England is broadcast on ITV or as I like to call it “Hamilton TV”. They seem to be so overly bias towards Hamilton; even after a blatant mistake they always seem to deflect blame away from him, as if he can not do any wrong.

A couple of for instaces 

China 2007, he burned his tyres out on a drying circuit and ended up in the kitty litter on his way into the pits. But who’s to blame, “Hamilton TV” said it was the team, they should have called him in a lap or two sooner, but what the forgot to say was that if he hadn’t needlessly raced a Toyota on his way into the pits, then maybe he would have been in a better frame of mind to negotiate the pit lane and stay in the race.

Canada 2008 crashes into the back of Kimi thus getting a 10 place penalty for the next race (remember so did Rosberg). But when Kimi Raikkonen crashed out of the Monaco GP, taking Sutil out of the race with him, James Allen was shouting from the roof tops that Raikkonen should be thrown a penalty and the stewards were being bias towards the Finn. Where in fact the steward were right to hand Hamilton a penalty for an avoidable accident, whereas Kimi lost control of his Ferrari coming out of the tunnel and had an unavoidable accident.

Belgium 2008. Hamilton is handed a 25sec penalty for cutting the Bus Stop chicane during a spectacular battle with Kimi Raikkonen. “Hamilton TV” backs the Brit saying that Raikkonen had “pushed” him off the circuit and forced him to take an escape route. They also stated that he gained no advantage on the run up to Le Source (the first corner). Firstly, Hamilton “pushed” Felipe Massa and Nelson Piquet in the same fashion at the German GP earlier in the year and was applauded by “Hamilton TV” on aggressive driving.

Secondly, Hamilton DID gain an advantage when he cut the chicane. He went in way too hot into the right hand part of the Bus Stop and as a result would have lost momentum on the exit onto the start/finish straight and thus would not have been so close to the back of the Ferrari.

Now, I think Hamilton is a great talent; he would have overtaken Kimi later in the lap as his Mclaren is better suited to damp or wet conditions, but I just wish ITV would tone down their favouritism. There’s no doubt that he has the skill required to become a champ, but only time will tell.


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This time we talk about Facebook, road kill, fast food and April fool birthdays.

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Must not let the people on Facebook who keep saying that they are "fed up" or "bored" etc get to you.  I don't think these people realise that it makes them look rather dull.

Must start the cull of friends on Facebook.  I personaly don't think that anyone can regularly chat to 150+ "friends", although there are the people that like to get a high score.


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The 6th September was a big day, not only in my life but also in Jacob's, my son.  For the 6th September will always be remembered as "The first football competition day".

Yes it seems that we have reached the point where every weekend, from August through to May, will be spent at the side of a muddy football pitch shouting words of encouragement at ten 5-7 year olds, as they all run around following each other in the attempt to put a ball in a net.

Anyway, well done guys!!!!!


I am very proud to report that Jacob, my son, has lost his first TWO teeth at the same time at break time yesterday morning.

Obviously not content in being the third in his class to loss a tooth, He staged a play fight in which one of his friends bopped him in the mouth and removed both gnashers in one go.

A spokesman said "there was no blood or pain, the teeth have been recovered and are in a safe place untill Jacob goes to bed at which point the Tooth Fairy will be contacted".


Remember 83% of all people over 68 are moody, grumpy and rude.  They tend to live in a bubble of about 1 meter, which means anything outside of that bubble does not have any relevance to their existance.


Well, what a few days it’s been. A two year olds party and two near death experiences, and yes, I know that they do come in threes so I’ll have to keep my eyes open. I’ll start with the fun stuff first.

Kimi, my daughter, has turned the big 2 (25th Aug). Thank you to everyone who sent cards, prezzies, birthday wishes or who came to the joint party of Sam and Kimi. Loads of giggles and laughs were had and not a tear in sight (Phew!).

Next the first near death experience.

It happened on Tuesday 26th Aug in Southend-on-sea. I was heading to a job during work, walking along the pavement when I heard the wheel spin of tyres behind me, as I looked around a saw a blue Citroen Saxo flying past me. The car mounted the pavement on the other side and continued to accelerate. It then brushed the wall of a building and slammed into a double letterbox. The impact was enough to lift the whole car in the air at least 2ft.

After coming to rest to my amazement people started to panic! Some people shouting “Get her out”, others shouting “Leave her alone, don’t move her”, one man even started shouting “Fire! Fire!, the cars on fire” at which point I told him it was only the gas from the air bag that he could see and the car wasn’t on fire.

A number of people phoned for and Ambulance and the lady, who was about 60-65, was taken away. After it was all over I thought what could have happened….

1. I nearly crossed the road so would have been in the path of the car… ouch!

2. The letterbox stopped the car from continuing into a pedestrianised area where tens of people, including children, were walking.

3. People actually wanted to remove this fortunate/unfortunate lady from her car without a second thought!?!!?!

All I can say is that I glad none of the above happened.

My only conclusion to this accident is that the lady got into her car (which was an automatic) and must have had the car in drive with her foot on the accelerator as she turned the engine on.

My second near death experience.

I was driving back from Braintree after dropping my brother and sister-in-law off to go on holiday. Now immediately outside the village that I live in is a national speed limit zone and although very bendy, there one or two over taking places.

Anyway I came round one of these bends to find a car heading straight towards me. Now this guy must have been doing 85+ while he was over taking three cars. And as we crossed paths there was little more than two car lengths. Once again ouch.

I am now awaiting a grand piano to finish me off in some bizarre way…………….

On a lighter note, as I write this we are in the Bers already! I.e. September, October….