I would just like to express and extend my thanks and gratitude to the cyclist who made my day today. First let me set the scene….

I’m waiting at traffic lights,

The cyclist in question rides down the inside of about five stationary cars behind me,

The cyclist then starts to realise the gap between the stationary cars and the curb is getting smaller and smaller,

The cyclist then notices my wing mirror and her hand will meet if she does not stop,

The cyclist brakes hard and, at the same time, starts to bounce on her left foot in the hope of averting a collision,


The cyclist then proceeds to pull up in front of me but with no acknowledgment of what has just happened,

I then shout out “Sorry for getting in your way!” by which time she had started shaking and blowing on her hand,

Then to top it off, a small trickle of blood. GET IN!

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