I must say that I’m a little pissed at Argos. Why?? Well, my girlfriend (Amanda, some of you guys will know her) and I bought a football goal for our sons 5th birthday. After a little hunting around we decided to buy one from our local Argos store. We found the one we liked, bought it, and wrapped it up.

Jacob opened his prezzie and was delighted. Then came the build. All was fine until I checked the picture against the goal I had just put up and noticed that they were completely different! Bastards!

We checked the pictures again, Bastards! We checked the order numbers, all ok there.

So what can we do? We couldn’t take it down as that would have left scars that doth run deep. So a very well worded e-mail followed the next day. Needless to say a very short and crap reply followed in which they stated that “they are sorry, and will alter their catalogue accordingly.” Thanks Argos

I know they didn’t ruin my sons birthday, but it cheesed us both off no end. Bastards!

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