The Podcast

The '4th Person' Podcast is intended to be my views of films, video games, weather, food, drink, love, life, ney the world expressed in audio, ie a chance for me to rant and rave.  Some will be tongue in cheek some will be serious, while others will make no sence at all as I may have no concept of where I'm going or what I'm talking about, I think we all do this at times.

Hopefully I will be joined time to time by friends with different opinions, which, obviously will of be wrong!

So when I finally get round to recording, sit back, listen and try to enjoy.  Also feel free to mail me with views and opinions, or just the odd rant!  Some of which will you will find at

The podcasts are available to download at:-

In addition to this, 4th Person is pleased to announce that Elton will be joining Scott Copperman in a brand new podcast 'An Apotheosis of a Bombast'.