Don't shop on Ebay - is up and ready for your consumption.

 Scott’s family went to watch a Philadelphia Wings game - it was an experience that prompts a discussion of sports fan behavior in general.

Other talking points include “the T-Mobile dance” and ”crazy things you can buy on Ebay.”


It's here...... the third Testchat is ready at

We talk about Amanda's birthday, 10 weird sports including Cheese rolling, Penny fathings and review some You tube videos.

Girl humiliates herself at Ice Hockey match.

Tasker vs Senn.

Bear Grylls eats a Rhino beetle.



The second Testchat is avaliable at

This time we talk about Facebook, road kill, fast food and April fool birthdays.

We have moved over to Audacity for recording so the quality should be a little better.



The first Testcast is available to download at

Please note that this the first of five test podcasts, then the show will begin regular.