Once again more proof that a dog is just another piece of jewellery in some people’s eyes.   A dog, (Staffordshire bull terrier) called “ASBO” has been destroyed by police after it attacked three people and a baby in South London.

A 29 year old woman has been bailed until November.  Now from what I have seen when I used to live in South East London, these “Stafs” are paraded around by the common “Chav” on all council estates.  Many times did I hear the words “I’ll set ‘im on ya” without a second thought to what damage this animal could inflict.  

Clearly this woman is a chav, a little slow, probable wears adidas track suit bottoms, white trainers, a hoody and a baseball cap, she may have banged her head a couple of times in the past or has trouble standing up in the morning because no one in their right mind would call a dangerous dog ASBO unless they thought obtaining an ASBO was the sign of an ultimate bad ass and not to be messed with.
When I hear these stories I wish that there was a way of vetting these people before they can get their hand a new toy, instead of one of their buddies breeding them and selling them on for a quick £100.

But where do you start…?

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