I’m not a huge fan of “Colas”, I can drink the stuff and like mixing it with chasers, I prefer Pepsi to Coca Cola but would have a Lemonade, Cream Soda or Red Bull if I was forced into having a fizzy soft drink. But a few days ago I found myself staring at a wall of cans as I went to pay for my diesel.

I wasn’t really thirsty and probably wouldn’t have thought twice about buying a drink under normal circumstances but the presentation of a beautifully crafted wall made of blue and red cans was too much to take, and so I gave in. At the price of £1.35

I gave in!! Now looking back that’s a shite load of money for a can of cola, but it was so shiny and kept calling “buy my, buy me” and yes I paid for it, so imagine my disappointment when I finally got around to drinking the poxy thing. My initial reaction was “hhummm … different” but that soon wore off when I realised what I was actually tasting was defrosted ice poles (Icebergs).

£1.35 for a warm ice pole!!!

Further tests have to be carried out….

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