I know that it happened a couple of weeks ago but I would like to express my delight that John Gaunt has walked the plank from the radio station Talk Sport.

Although I think sacking him for calling a Tory councillor a “Nazi” and an “ignorant pig” during a discussion about banning smokers fostering children is a little harsh, in my opinion it has been coming for a long time.

When he started on Talk Sport he, for want of a better word, insisted that the callers call him “Gaunty”!?! which could be seen as a little bit too childish.

He is overly rude to people, usually shouting over and cutting off callers trying to make their point.

He refused to be on an end of the year show “Clash of the Titans” with George Galloway, thus ruining a top class show. (Mike Dicken would be turning in his grave)

The very silly and mostly f*#king annoying catch phases ruined every 10-1 show he did since 2005, plus the blatant plugging of his one man stage show and the petty (from both sides) digs between him and Chris Moyles were more than I could stand, so I turned off.

Now I like a shock jock most of the time. I think we all like to hear a foolish caller put in his/her place. Just a shame he couldn’t take it and defiantly couldn’t dish it out.

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