St Patrick's Day, St Georges Day, Christmas Day, Orgasm Day and Talk like a Pirate Day.

Now to join them we have World Toilet day



Must start using twitter more.


Must stop playing Call of Duty 4 (PS3)!  Really need to get another podcast done.  I will get the five testchats done before Christmas, then on with the real show....

Also finding myself slightly addicted to Tech Deck.  When I was 10 I found skateboarding quiet hard, but I think that was mostly down to the crap boards we used to get in this country.  I remember seeing American boards at shop in a place called Blackfen at the end of the 80's, but apart from that, crap crap crap.  Well now I have been introduced, by Jacob my son, to Tech Deck which is a miniature skateboard that is controlled with the fingers. 
I can ollie the little bastard but only by about 10mm.  Must try harder.


Must not let the people on Facebook who keep saying that they are "fed up" or "bored" etc get to you.  I don't think these people realise that it makes them look rather dull.

Must start the cull of friends on Facebook.  I personaly don't think that anyone can regularly chat to 150+ "friends", although there are the people that like to get a high score.


Remember 83% of all people over 68 are moody, grumpy and rude.  They tend to live in a bubble of about 1 meter, which means anything outside of that bubble does not have any relevance to their existance.