albums you have to own!!

The title says it all, just go and buy them.

NIRVANA     Unplugged in New York

Probably the best of all the Mtv Unplugged recordings.  Raw, moving and hardly unplugged.

Personal favourite tracks :- Oh me, Pennyroyal Tea, Where Did You Sleep Last Night. 

MAJOR MATT MASON USA     Bad people rule the world

A huge step up from the previous home recordings.

Personal favourite tracks :- Simone, Starbelly (Slow), Good (Bye), The World Is Not Against You.

BOB DYLAN      Bring it all back home

Great starting point for anyone wanting to get into Dylan.

Personal favourite tracks :- Subterranean Homesick Blues, Maggie's Farm, Bob Dylan's 115th Dream, It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), It's All over Now, Baby Blue.

THE LIBERTINES      Up the bracket

One of the best albums since Definitely Maybe.  Dirty English music at its best.

Personal Favourite tracks :- Horror Show, Time For Heroes, Radio America, Up The Bracket.

THE COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE      See this through and leave

Fantastic, electric and moody live band.

Pesonal favourite tracks :- Film-maker, Who needs enemies?, Let's kill music, Been training dogs, The lake,

NIRVANA     Nevermind

Just perfect.  From the cover to the last note of the secret song (Endless Nameless)

Personal favourite tracks :- Lithium, Polly, Drain You, Lounge Act, On a plain.

HOPE OF THE STATES      The lost riots

Great debut, with a clear american twang.  Gone but not forgotten.

PFT :- Enemies / Friends, 66 Sleepers to Summer, Don't Go To Pieces, The Red The White The Black The Blue, Black Dollar Bills, George Washington.

PINK FLOYD      Pulse

Great soundtrack to the best nights of your life.

PFT :- What Do You Want From Me, Learning To Fly, Keep Talking, Eclipse, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

ERIC CLAPTON      Unplugged

Accustic guitars played at their best.

PFT :- Before You Accuse Me, Hey Hey,Tears in Heaven, Layla.

OASIS      Definitely maybe

If you own this then you already know what should go here.

PFT :- Live Forever, Columbia, Supersonic, Bring It On Down, Slide Away, Married With Children.


A true masterpiece.  Songs so good the band got signed with only three songs in their pocket!

PFT :- Tones Of Home, I Wonder, Dear Ol' Dad, Change, No Rain.

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE      The black parade

Not a true classic but some moments are stunning.  Great "Rock-opera".

PFT :- Dead, House Of Wolves, Cancer, Mama, Teenagers.

BLUR      Parklife

Sums up life in 1995.  Very English, very cool and at times geeky cool.

PFT :- Girls & Boys, Tracy Jacks, End Of A Century, Parklife, Far Out, Trouble In The Message Centre, Magic America, Jubilee, This Is A Low.


One of the coolest bands of all time knock out some more killer tunes.

PFT :- Nine Acre Court, Feeling Holy, Just Lookin', Crashin' In, Bullet Comes, Here Comes A Soul Saver, Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over, Tell Everyone, Toothache.

THE WHITE STRIPES      White blood cells

Very simple raw bluesy rock.

PFT :- Hotel Yorba, Fell In Love With A Girl, Little Room, We're Going To Be Friends, Offend In Every Way, I Think I Smell A Rat.

FOO FIGHTERS      There is nothing left to lose

Scream-a-thon!!!!!!!! Hollywood rock. 

PFT :- Stacked Actors, Breakout, Learn To Fly, Gimme Stitches, Generator, Aurora, Live-In Skin.

NEW RADICALS      Maybe you've been brainwashed too

Bouncy album sitting on the fence of pop n rock.

PFT :- You Get What You Give, I Hope I Didn't Just Give Away The Ending, I Don't Wanna Die Anymore, Jehovah Made This Whole Joint For You, Someday We'll Know, Gotta Stay High, Technicolor Lover, Crying Like A Church On Monday.

THE BEACH BOYS      Pet sounds

Would not sound out of place if releaced today.

PFT :- Wouldn't it be nice, Sloop John B, God only knows, I just wasn't made for these times, Pet sounds.

The Beach OST

Great album to chillout or dance around to.  From Moby to Ashcroft, all good.